Hard Target FAQs

Can anybody attend Hard Target training?

Absolutely! Anybody can learn the skills bodyguards use to keep themselves and their clients safe from violence. There are NO physical requirements for this class. If you are desirous to be more security conscious and to learn how to avoid violence, you are invited to attend this training.

Will we be doing martial arts??

No. This is not a martial arts class. This class teaches you to have a security, or “hard target” mindset. It’s about awareness and having the tools to avoid danger, not fight your way out of it.

Will we be learning to shoot?

NO See above. We encourage students to learn both hand-to-hand combat and weapons skills, but nothing will keep you safer than avoiding danger in the first place. That is what we teach you to do.

How long does the be your own bodyguard training last?

The full training lasts 2 full days and includes (1) the hard target mindset, (2) the tools bodyguards use to avoid danger, and (3) a live scenario to help you practice these skills. Students can take just the one-day class and not do the live scenario (although we encourage you to do the scenario). We also, by special arrangement, can provide a 4-hour course at your location for those who cannot do a full day (see below).

Where is the training held?

We are an international training company, and we provide training in both the United States and the United Kingdom. In the U.S. We hold monthly 1- and 2-day training events at the Best Western hotel near the Denver airport in Denver, Colorado. In the UK, we hold courses at Hard Target HQ in Liverpool. See the training schedule link above for the next available monthly training event and to sign up!

When is the training held?

We have training courses scheduled  regularly… Monthly 1- and 2-day training events in Denver, Colorado, and Liverpool, UK.

Can you come to us?

YES, we are happy to bring our Hard Target training to you. We regularly provide closed training events to businesses, churches, and other groups, or you can sponsor a training event that is open to the public. We can come to your location and provide 4-hour, 1-day, or 2-day training events. You provide the venue and the course participants; we will provide the training. To discuss this option,


970 616- 9141 if you are in the U.S. for hard target courses
07968 750 094 if you are in the UK.

How much does the training cost?

U. S. Monthly Training in Denver, Colorado
1-day training: $299/person 2-day training with live scenario: $499/person

UK Hard Target training

1-day training: £199/person 2-day training with live scenario: £349/person

On-site training at your location (open or closed enrollment) is the same price with the following additions:
There is a 5 student minimum with on-site training
In addition to tuition, on-site training events include airfare and two or three days accommodations (depending on the training option you choose) at your location.

On-site 4-hour training is also available. Price is $149 per person plus airfare and two days accommodations. There is a minimum of 10 students required for the 4-hour training event.

What do I need to bring?

Wear comfortable but modest clothing to the training. We will do some exercises to practice certain hard target skills, but these will not be taxing physical exercises. You might want to consider bringing a set of clothing that you might wear in the types of situations where you would put these skills into practice. For example, if your main security concerns involve business travel, bring the sort of clothes you would wear when traveling for business.

If you will be doing the live scenario, we would especially encourage you to bring the type of clothing you would wear when putting these new skills into practice, in order to make the live scenario more realistic.

Do NOT bring firearms or other weapons to class. You will not be practicing “self defense” techniques; you will be practicing violence avoidance.

Can I learn how to be a bodyguard in 2 days?

NO not at all !!! but we can teach you think like a body guard in two days and that’s the idea behind our course.

Is the be your own bodyguard the same as a full on Executive Protection body guard course?

No they are completely different. The be your own bodyguard course is set out to give you an idea of what we as Close Protection Officers (CPOs) do for a living and to give some idea to help keep you safe.

Our full courses will teach you everything you need to know to get the qualifications to get the jobs

Who are the instructors?

All of our instructor teams are SIA certified and qualified bodyguards, with years of international operational experience.

Is this course only for Ex Army or Law enforcement people??

No, we are aiming this course at people with little or no security experience.

Could I use this course to get a job in the security industry?

Not really NO. Security professionals need thorough training and certification.

Could you train me to be a certified body guard?

Yes, our internationally recognized close protection course is available to people who wish to take their training to higher level. (Follow this link for more information)

Will this course help keep friends and family / Employees safe?

We can never guarantee anybody’s safety but if you put the principles into action, you will have a far better understanding of your environment than the average person on the street, and will therefore be able to make more informed decisions that should help to avoid potential hazards.