Hard Target International


The Professional Bodyguard Association’s

  Level 3 Executive Close Protection course

This course is designed for those people who have received no form of security training in the Close / Executive protection fields.

The course its self is laid out in the form of a 14 day training program, whereby the students will learn the knowledge and skills used by professional Body Guards all over the world.

The course criteria states that there must be at least 140 hours (minimum) of learning time, however we at the PBA don’t follow the standards, WE SET THEM!!! So you can expect long hours and plenty of time to learn and practice your new skill sets.

Our instructor team will help guide the candidates to reach their full potential, by sharing real world experiences and knowledge gained on the job.

Nobody knows it all and we all learn all the time.

The instructor team will also teach you conflict management & resolution skills, in addition to the above the candidate will spend at least 30 hours completing the FPOSi (first person on scene intermediate) medical First Aid course.

The instructor team will teach you every thing you need to know to graduate as a member of the PBA.

Once you have completed the training you will be able to build  compile, complete and execute a fully working & detailed operational plan.

There are new skills and systems to follow, there will be time spent on the computer as well as out of the ground. The plan that will include the following-

A full Threat and Risk assessment

In-depth principal profile

Route reconnaissance

Venue reconnaissance

Linier maps & route plans

Safe driving and convoy drills

Embus & Debus procedures

Documented safe havens

Surveillance & counter surveillance

Staffing rotas & budgets

Equipment check lists

Medical care (first aid procedures) and plans

Candidates will have to set up an “Ops room”, Learn and demonstrate search procedures, Radio and Communication techniques as well as a whole host of other skills and attributes that relate to the professional security operative.

This is a fantastic course, developed over many years of practical operational experience you will be working long hard hours and will be pressure tested along the way, but once you have completed and graduated with the PBA you will have and internationally recognised BTEC level 3 certificate in Close / Executive protection. As well as a level 3 FPOSi medical certificate.

price is £2499

Also included is your D13 Avanced FPOSi First Aid Course

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