Armed combat

A core bodyguard principle is to “maximize your multipliers.”  A multiplier is anything that “multiplies” your ability to defend yourself against attack.  Imagine these scenarios:

An unarmed, 100-pound female faces a 250-pound attacker intent on harming her.

The same 100-pound female faces the same attacker, but this time she is armed with a firearm and trained to use it competently.

Regardless of your political views regarding firearms, in the security industry a firearm is simply considered a force multiplier.  Essentially it shifts the tactical advantage from the attacker to the potential victim.  But this is only true if you are trained and competent in its use.

Our armed combat course will teach you basic firearm safety rules, firearm functions and operations, and tactical application of those operations.  As with the unarmed combat course, we encourage you to continue practicing the skills you develop until they become second nature to you.

the course we recommend is run by our American partners EPI please follow this link for more information.